Historic Recreations - exact copies of historic paintings or paintings in a recognizable historic art style.   page 1   page 2

Not Jackson Pollock II            Acrylic on canvas            2 x 13.5 feet                  Private Collection

Canvas mounted on an engineered wooden stretcher. The commission included Pollock-style framing.

The inspiration for this painting is Pollock’s Summertime: Number 9A. The painting was introduced to America in a 1949 Life Magazine article. The headline asked “Jackson Pollock: Is He the Greatest Living Painter in the United States?”

Colonel George Washington, 1772, After Charles Willson Peale         

Oil on linen                        81 x 42 inches (same size as the original)                     Private Collection

An accurate copy of George Washington’s first official portrait, commissioned by Martha Washington and originally painted by Charles Willson Peale. The painting can be seen in Courtroom 1, Fayette County Courthouse, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. “For the best possible reference materials I traveled to Lee Chapel located on the campus of Washington-Lee University and took over seventy photographs. My appreciation for Peale grew tremendously in the process of recreating his technique and use of color.”